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Posted on 08 Aug 2016

Vinduro Penrite Team wins the 2016 Harrow 100 Vinduro State of Origin challenge.

“The guys always stuck together, and put a lot of effort into presenting a smooth running and professional team. Their 'team spirit' was never in question, and with a team that featured a wealth of vinduro experience they were always going to be strong contenders.” As well as the distance completed, there was a timed special test and other criteria to select the winning team. One or two 4 rider teams were entered from each of ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD and SA.

As we expected, the eighth annual Harrow Vinduro was fantastic with 175 riders attempting the challenge. Despite a wet week beforehand, conditions on the weekend were perfect. Mark, Phill and Sarah achieved their goal of two laps of the full circuit and Gold Medals. Craig McKay was our fourth Vinduro Penrite Team member, to complete the ACT State of Origin Team 1, and despite a couple of nasty crashes he achieved a full lap for Gold too.  

Course conditions were best described as slippery, wet and boggy and the 100km course had to be shortened slightly due to the conditions, which was just as well as it took us seven and a half hours to complete two laps! This was Mark’s eighth Harrow riding for Penrite, he has not missed one yet, and the fourth riding as Vinduro Penrite Team with Phill and Sarah. This was Craig’s first Vinduro but he normally competes in modern Enduro events.  Mark observed that as we gain more experience riding as a team and dealing with the challenging features of the Vinduro events that we are becoming better at conquering them. But talking with the other riders we realise that these are still difficult endurance events.

The main event on Sunday was preceded by a fun afternoon on a boggy sandy motocross course on Lachie Turner’s property. A highlight for the onlookers was when Craig T-Boned Mark while attempting an up-the-inside overtaking manoeuvre.

Thanks to the Harrow community and particularly Toni and Merrin for having us at Longlands again. Thanks to VERi for continuing to run the premier event of the Australian Vinduro season. Thanks to all the volunteers and riders and support teams.

Thanks to Penrite Oil for supporting us.

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