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Posted on 09 Aug 2016

The last round of the Hartwell Club Championships for 2016 at Broadford was a great weekend. We were able to come away with the round victory in the 125 GP class and third in the George Carrick. Adding to that we won the George Carrick and 125 championships for 2016. This is a great achievement for my first year on the 125’s.

I hadn’t been on the bike for a while so we did the Friday practise so I can get back into the swing of things. I was doing 1.04’s by lunch only a second off of my PB. I then noticed that there was a vibration in the bike and we had a good idea of what it was so we had to park that bike for the weekend and race the spare bike. I still had two sessions left to practise on Friday so I went out and then came back in and mad a few adjustments to the bike and did the last session for the day getting to grips with the bike and the track.

On Saturday we had a five minute warm up to begin with. I was feeling good on the bike and was just taking it easy in the warm up.

Next was qualifying. I knew that all I had to do was be on the first two rows of the grid so then I didn’t have to work hard to get back up the front. I was able to qualify sixth on the grid with a time of 1.05.829.

I didn’t have to push hard to win the championship I have a 67 point lead in the 125’s and a 48 in the George Carrick. I got a decent start form sixth on the grid and had three 400’s and a TZ 250 pass me as I was heading to turn 1. I got one 400 down the straight and then had another bike get me back coming into turn 3. I passed another 400 and moved into eight. I was sixth overall, first 125 and third in the George Carrick by the third lap. I stayed in this position to the end of the race.

In the second race. I got another decent start and was in eight again on the first lap but then I passed a 400 on the second lap and a TZ 250 on the third lap and a rider in front of me had to retire so I was in fourth on the last lap and finished fourth overall and first in the 125 and George Carrick. I was able to score enough points to win the 125 championship for 2016 after the second race.

On Sunday there was a five minute warm up and I had to go out and check to make sure that the bike was running good after Dad and my coach terry put a piston ring in it on Saturday night. The bike was running beautifully and all I had to do was score one point and I would have won the George Carrick Championship.

In the first race I just took it easy and got a good start but lost one pace to the TZ 250 on the second lap. I sat in seventh reminding myself that all I have to do it finish the race and I would win the George Carrick championship championship, and that is exactly what I did. I finished seventh overall and won the George Carrick for 2016.

In the last race I was trying to get a good position so I could have a good finish for the round, it was a six lap race so I could think about where I would be able to make passes. I was able to get a good start and was able to get into turn 1 in fifth. I then was stuck behind the TZ 250 and got pass him coming into turn 5. He then passed me back down the back straight. I was getting held up by the 250 so I waited until the last lap to get him. I was able to make the move and hold onto fourth when I passed him again under brakes coming into turn 5. With the fourth place in the last race I was only two points behind second and 4 points behind first for the round.

I finished the last round of Hartwell with the George Carrick and the 125GP championships wrapped up and third in George Carrick and first in the 125 for the weekend. A huge thanks to dad for rebuilding my bike and my coach Terry for coming out and helping me on and off track, and for helping dad to rebuild the bike. I would not have won the championships if it wasn’t for my sponsors and all the help they give me, I would like thank my sponsors:

Penrite oils

Ron Angel Classic Racing


Peter Stevens Motorcycles                                       

Trident tyre centre                                                             

Dekker Motor Body Builder

Coachman Motel Phillip Island

Auldana Foundations

Australian Technical Rubber


Fly’s Moving Colour

JDS Moto

Beagle Racing Team

Campbell classic motorcycles

Coccyx racing

Dave Atkinson

K&S Fuels

Skwid signs

Mid-West Trader

Axle Armour

South East Welding Services

Ginos Pizza and Pasta bar

Murrays Brit Bikes



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