Penrite 10 Tenths KO2ST Oil, Officially Karting Australia Approved! Penrite Blog Post

Posted on 09 Aug 2016

Penrite Oil’s 10 Tenths KO2ST Oil is now one of three Penrite Karting Oils officially approved by Karting Australia.

10 Tenths KO2ST is currently used by some of the best up-and-comers in the sport today including reigning Victorian Championship winner Angelo Mouzouris, Nicholas Schembri, Hugh Barter and the Scuderia PCR Australia Team.

The Premium Full Synthetic, ester based two-stroke engine oil has been engineered specifically for competition. It is designed to provide maximum power and protection in all performance two stroke engines. Using a highly advanced, powerful, high performance additive package which is virtually ashless for clean burning, for maximum lubricity and ultra-low carbon and piston deposits.

Along with 10 Tenths KO2ST, our 10 Tenths Race Castor Oil and Hi-Per Two Stroke have been Karting Australia approved.

Designed for older Karts, 10 Tenths Race Castor Oil is an ashless SAE 20W-40 engine oil manufactured from high quality castor vegetable oil, synthetic ester, anti-corrosion additives and an advanced anti-oxidant. The synthetic base fluids are specially blended to produce SAE 30 and SAE 40 classifications. This helps to reduce or eliminate traditional problems such as lacquers and deposits.

If you are looking for a Semi Synthetic option, then our Hi-Per Two Stroke high performance, semi synthetic, low smoke, low ash two stroke engine oil is the one to choose. Made from the latest synthetic additives and premium base oils, It exceeds many manufacturer requirements including API TC, JASO FC & ISO EG-C.

Find your local stockist of all three Karting Australia Approved products by visiting or by calling 1300 736 748.

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